John Ippolito, West Central Online's Ag specialist recently updated the latest outlook on crop's in the region. John stated the pulse crops have been hit the hardest thus far due to the heavy rains, spurring diseases and over saturating soils. He also stated the variability has been huge going from field to field, pending drainage, amount of rain and soil type has some crops still looking good, while others have some serious damage so far. He went on to say the upcoming week's weather look favourable, and while temperatures aren't needed to climb into the 30's the sun and lack of moisture will be very welcome.

John also stated the full impact of all the heavy rains and where the most damage has occurred will not be known until closer to harvest. Mr. Ippolito said the Rosetown-Sovereign area has been hit the hardest in the region, while if you head west of Fiske, fields still look fairly good.