Soil moisture wise, the rain didn't quite cover all of West Central Saskatchewan, the Rosetown area saw the most with around 30 mm. John Ippolito, West Central Saskatchewan's regional crop specialist, went on to say the Kindersley area got around 5 mm during the big rain. Farther north and west got very little moisture, but was was not quite as dry as the Rosetown and Elrose regions to begin with.

Seeding progress is somewhere in the 50% done range. Growers in the West Central Saskatchewan region might've experienced a bit of a light frost this week but he said the crops shouldn't be bothered too much by any frost, with most of the early emergence's being by cereals, which he claimed aren't likely to be bothered too much. Some of the early seeded crop also has the advantage of being in relatively bare fields with not a lot of crop residue, so there isn't likely to be as much frost damage, mainly because there's heat from the ground that would protect those early seedlings.