Hey West Central Saskatchewan, Nick here and it is my pleasure to introduce our newest member of our on-air team: Aaron Harle! 

In the next week, Aaron will be taking over the morning show on Classic Hits 1330/1210 and will be working in the newsroom as well, and he's excited to get ingrained into the community of West Central Saskatchewan!

Why let me say everything about the guy though when he can introduce himself, so here's the man himself!

Aaron Harle

Hello, my name is Aaron Harle and here is a little bit about myself!

I was born in Regina on March 4, 1994. When I was two years old, my parents decided to leave the city and start a life on the farm, breeding black angus cattle just northwest of Regina. I've always been passionate about music, especially all the tunes that were released before I was even born. That was a driving factor in deciding to embark on a career in broadcasting.

If you want to know the way to my heart, its baseball and attending concerts. A few of my favourite hobbies include: playing sports, biking, fishing, collecting an assortment of records, and quoting movies and tv shows. Summer is by far my favourite season with the long days and green surroundings. I enjoy bringing enthusiasm to any social gathering I attend and I’m ecstatic to be able to join the Golden West team!

-So that's the new guy, and we're excited to be bringing him aboard! You'll start to hear Aaron taking over the Classic Hits morning show starting next week on Monday!