This skiing and snowboarding season has been met with plenty of adversity for Table Mountain Ski and Board Club. The constant fluctuation in temperatures and inclement weather has brought its fair share of problems to the ski hill located west of North Battleford.  

General Manager of Table Mountain Lawrence Blouin, expressed how the year has gone so far and what challenges they have faced. 

“Up and down like the weather. It was too warm and we had a tough time getting our snow made in November, early December was too warm. Then once we got the snow made, it was too cold to open through the Christmas holidays, so we were only open a few days or I think couple days for Christmas and Boxing Day then we didn't open again till January 2nd. So, we had a few good weekends, but it seems it's a year of extremes.” 

Table Mountain is typically open for the weekends, but with schools having this week off, the ski hill will be open every day until Sunday, weather permitting.  

Blouin added he is hopeful the weather will turn around and they can maximize the rest of the season. 

“We're here till the end of March. We've got another, well, five or six weeks of skiing and snowboarding. Basically, our last day will be March 27th, that’s what our tentative closing date is. We’ve still got a month to go, hopefully the weather moderates and we can get a few people through the doors here.” 

With mild and warmer temperatures forecasted for the end of the week and weekend, Table Mountain anticipates a good crowd of skiers and snowboarders.  

The ski hill is open from 10am until 4:30pm until Sunday February 27th before resuming regular hours of operation.