The most recent Kindersley Jr. Klippers has been deemed a success. A night of singing, dancing, and bingo was enjoyed by everyone who attended Banger Bingo, according to Mark Gasper, Business Manager for the Jr. Klippers organization. 

“There were about 95 people there and we had a great time. There was a lot of dancing and drinks and then we played a little bingo on the side and had some silent auction items as well. We sold a smoker and a couple other things including a golf package and a booze basket, so it went really well for us.” 

It wasn’t the first time Banger Bingo was held in West Central Saskatchewan, but it was for Kindersley and Gasper knew the Jr. Klippers had to book them, based on reviews from his peers. 

“We reached out to them because one of our board members friends had done it a few years ago up in Unity. I had a cousin who went to it down south and they all said it was an awesome time, so we figured we’d give them a shot and everybody was right, they were awesome.” 

Gasper also says the organization looks forward to Banger Bingo happening again in the future. The total amount of money raised from the event was not made available. 

Season tickets for the upcoming Kindersley Jr. Klippers campaign are 25% off until June 27 and registration is also open for the teams hockey school which runs during the last week of August.