The progress of the Biggar Revitalization Project is going well in the west central community. In a recent conversation with Community Development Officer D’Shae Bussiere, she said things are progressing nicely, with the goal of $2.5 million being raised for the project in range.  

“It has been very steady in terms of fundraising; we have an update every single week. We are working with a group of professional fundraisers who are very impressed with the way that this community has come together.” 

The fundraiser has already raised over $1.5 million for the project as of October 26. 

As for other news in Biggar, Bussiere said the Town has put together a storefront incentive policy earlier this year. 

“The Town actually earlier in the spring, put together a storefront incentive policy for our Main Street businesses. It's basically a grant program for our Main Street businesses to enhance their storefronts, so we've had a few businesses already looking to take advantage of that. Doing some pretty cool things to the storefronts of their businesses. A Couple of really cool looking murals, some paint and just kind of little upgrades here and there as well.” 

The Town of Biggar is also hosting “Light Up the Night” later this month, as Bussiere explains. 

“We have light up the night coming up on November 26. That's always a great time here in Biggar, where our business kind of take a spot along our Sandra Schmirler walking path. Then make Christmas displays where we literally light the path up that night and invite the community and visitors to come on out and walk the path with us that evening.”