Biggar RCMP have been searching for a stolen trailer to start the week. 

Their police report stated that sometime between May 26 and May 27, a 14’ by 8’ flat deck trailer with Saskatchewan plate 416 LMC, loaded with two cream colour claw foot bathtubs, was stolen. The trailer was parked and stolen from an empty lot on the 300 block of 4th Avenue West in Biggar.

That news was shared Tuesday, and then an update on Wednesday shared that they bound the bathtubs dumped in a set of bushes near Highway 4 south.

Using the trailer for other crime is what the thief was interested in according to police, and they shared it may or may not still have its Saskatchewan license plate attached.

They ask the public to be aware of suspicious vehicles pulling a trailer, and one lead actually shared this morning tipped police of a suspicious grey SUV pulling a trailer with a wooden spool of copper wire in the Ruthilda/ Triumph Rd area.

The rest of the report for May 29 included 34 occurrences among other things, with six traffic tickets officially issued. One situation resulted in a pair of warnings after complaints of younger riders operating their dirt bikes on the walking trail west of town. Separate reports of deer collisions on Hwy 14 near Perdue were also included.

One interesting call that came the detachments way included a dispute between brothers on a train. Members described it as a scene out of the movies, as a request was made by VIA Rail and CN Police to make an emergency stop in Biggar for a route heading from Edmonton to Winnipeg. A pair of 30-year-old cousins from Thompson, Manitoba, were arrested and removed from the train following a knife fight with each other. Alcohol was a factor, and once they were stitched up and the subjects sobered up, they were good to go. The pair, currently on court conditions and weapons prohibitions out of Manitoba, both ended up being charged for causing a disturbance, and another result saw them lose train privileges as a viable mode of transportation.

The report shared word of a 57-year-old man providing some colorful public disturbance, screaming and yelling at a 37-year-old female working with a line locating company over slow service. Another call detailed a 60-year-old male creeping around the back of an apartment building at night.

Police would have to deal with a 26 yr old male who let the liquor get the best of him, punching in a window along 4 Ave West in Biggar. He received EMS attention, and other intoxicated guests that overstayed their welcome were provided a ride home. 

More property damage was noted when a truck parked on 7 Ave West in Biggar had the driver side mirror broken, and a truck parked on 1 Ave West had the passenger side window smashed out. More mischief saw a new bike stolen from a 14-year-old, as police are looking for a black and orange BMX Huffy and would appreciate assistance in locating it.

A case coming from the RM of Perdue saw a 93-year-old female reporting she found a boxer looking dog on her property with a collar but no tags. The subject exclaimed she did not want to house, feed, or care for the dog, and the family was told to take it to the SPCA or stop feeding it and let it wander back home. 

The other calls listed revolved around family feuds, and squabbling neighbours.

If anyone has any information on these crimes, or the trailer theft noted above, please contact the Biggar RCMP.