While it is that time of year, the Kindersley area isn't a typical spot for bears, making a sighting on Thursday at a local farmyard quite the surprise for residents.

A video shared to social media showed the black bear climbing into a tree east of Kindersley. As word spread, a listener submission confirmed the location about four miles north of Kindersley.

bear screengrab snapchat.jpg An unwanted visitor northeast of Kindersley (Screengrab via Snapchat maps public story)

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment just recently shared some "bear aware" tips with the camping season here. Coming out of hibernation, bears will be on the lookout for food, and are freshly rested. A major way to avoid a bear encounter is to ensure your food is locked up and secure, many places already having bear-proof containers to help curb the problem.

Anyone working in that region this weekend might want to keep their dogs inside. WestCentralOnline has reached out to the Ministry of Environment for further comments.