Jacob Mamer and Megan Sutherland with their gold at Regionals. Regional Badminton Championships took place this past weekend. Wilkie had two teams compete and both advanced to Provincials, which will happen in Weyburn this upcoming weekend. 

Mixed Doubles - Jacob Mamer, Megan Sutherland

Mamer and Sutherland started off their round robin match-ups with a game against Maidstone. Wilkie won handily with scores of 21-2 and 21-8. Their second game was against Holy Cross which, again, Wilkie won with ease. Scores were 21-11 and 21-8. The third match was against Eston, Wilkie won with scores of 21-7 and 21-7. 

Wilkie`s team met Biggar in the semi-final match-up. Mamer and Sutherland took both sets with scores of 21-12 and 21-9. 

The final match was against Medstead, with Wilkie winning 21-12 and 21-13 to go undefeated through Regionals. 

Boys Doubles - Nick Miller, Nick Gutting

Miller and Gutting started off their round robin run with a match against Loon Lake. They won both sets 21-18 and 21-19. Their second match was up against Mount Royal, which ran 3 sets long. The scores were 21-11, 19-21, 21-19 respectively. The third and final round robin game was up against Beechy, Wilkie won handily 21-11 and 21-15. 

In semi-finals, Wilkie defeated Loon Lake for a second time, 21-17, 14-21, and 21-13. 

Miller and Gutting went on  to face Bethlehem in the final, which ran three sets long. The final scores were 21-12, 8-21, and 21-15 for Bethlehem. Despite the loss, Miller and Gutting will continue on to Provincials.