The first baby to ring in Saskatchewan's New Year is a girl.

New Years babies are often beacons of hope and good luck for the year ahead, and in Regina, proud parents gave birth to little Sadaf Bahrami, born a mere six minutes after midnight.

A proud mother from Cudworth, Saskatchewan also gave birth to a beautiful girl shortly after the midnight hour.

Little Sadaf Bahrami beat little Hailey Faith by ten minutes; Faith was born sixteen minutes after midnight.

In Saskatoon, little Jaxson Diehl waited until 1:29 a.m. before becoming the city's first official New Year's Baby of 2016, weighing in at a healthy six pounds.

In 2014 the New Year was rang in by a baby boy in Canoe Narrows, Saskatchewan at 3:21 am.

The mothers of all three infants are proud, happy and doing well.