If you were going to pick the first day of any month in the year to celebrate, there is a good chance you would pick a chance to kick off the month with Pranks and Hoaxes on the First Day of April. April 1st is better known as April Fool's Day and has been a day on the calendar for decades, maybe even centuries. The exact beginning of April Fool's Day isn't exactly known. Some historians believe it goes back to the late 16th century in France, or maybe it was even started in the 18th century by English Pranksters. But either way, April Fool's Day is one of the biggest days on the calendar year. Although, for being as highly touted as it is by people all around the world, it isn't actually a holiday in any country.

On this day, it basically comes down to two options; you're either the "Pranker" or the more unfortunate role of the "Prankee." There are all kinds of different pranks you can pull on this first day in April, and here are some of the prank ideas that you can add to your arsenal.

April Fool's Day Pranks

1. Attaching an Air Horn under someone's desk chair

2. Putting Saran Wrap under the toilet seat

3. Caramel Onions instead of Caramel Apples

4. Painting the bar of soap with clear nail polish, so that the soap doesn't "sud."

5. Placing a Friend's house for sale in the Newspaper

6. Glue eggs to the bottom of the carton

7. Switching the Keys on someone's keyboard

8. Filling someone's entire car with Newspaper

So those are just a couple of the thousands of pranks you can pull on this April Fool's Day. But hopefully you're the "pranker" and not the "prankee."