Kindersley and District Plains Museum tourist advisor Emily Polsfut said that they've had more visitors this year.

"This year we've had over 2000 tourists including all of our events. Which is up about 1500 from last summer, so we're doing pretty good this year. We've had lots from the States, lots from Western Canada and Eastern Canada, and a few from Europe as well. All over the place, really."

The museum is looking for more volunteers. If you're interested in helping out, they would welcome you to a meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the museum board room. "We can always use more help. This is a big facility and there's a lot going on in the month of August. We have a lot of tourists coming in, and we have a lot of functions that we haven't had in the past 2 years," said Vice Chair Glen Sitter. 

Sitter says that he's been to a lot of the museums around the area and he doesn't think anyone else has more tractors than they have. He mentioned that they have a large selection of items in every topic, style and class, and they'll take more. "We take interesting and old items. We won't throw any of your stuff out. It may not be on display some of the time, it might be in storage. But rest assured that anything you give us we won't go to the landfill. We have some duplicates, and we've got a pile of stuff in storage."

They'll welcome new ideas as well as new volunteers and new visitors. "If someone comes in and wants to work in an area or on a display, we welcome any suggestion. You can switch it up and do anything you want within reason."

Sitter was particularly proud of a few buildings in the Boomtown village.

  • Brock Train Station - The bottom floor has been completely restored. It's fully furnished with pieces from the era, both in the office and the living quarters.
  • Merrington School and Teachery - also completely furnished.
  • Hill House  - came from a local family and has been completely refurbished both upstairs and downstairs.
  • Many other buildings that were brought to the museum and are in the original condition.

They will be open 7 days a week until the end of August and possibly September. You can call ahead if you want a tour, or if you're bringing a group. 306-463-6620. Tourist advisors this summer are: Emily Polsfut, Shelby Rublee and Kerri Hammel. "We have a paint night coming up on Tuesday August 2nd and our fashion show is Wednesday Aug 10th, so it'll be a busy month for us" said Polsfut.