Fans of bunnock will be making their way to Macklin, Saskatchewan this long weekend for the 24th Annual Bunnock World Championships.

The tournament attracts fans from all over the province, country, and even different parts of the globe. Around 320 teams arrive to the town of approximately 1,400 people to get their hands on $30,000 in prizes. The hoopla takes place this entire long weekend at Macklin Lake Regional Park.

Everything from a trade show, car show and shine, fireworks, live music, and the actual championships itself are only a few of the highlights for this weekend's festivities.

But what exactly is the game of bunnock?

Bunnock was first introduced to Canadians by the Russian Germans many decades ago. The game of bunnock consists of 52 bones, and demands great coordination and accuracy from the players. The eight heaviest are marked as "throwers" while four more are marked as "guards". The other bones are normal called "soldiers". The guards and soldiers are equally divided, and then set on level ground in two straight lines, 10 meters apart.

Each team must have an equal number of players on either side (usually four) who will try to knock down the opposing team's bones with the throwers. The guards must be knocked down first or penalties will be given. Each team takes turns throwing, and the team which knocks down the opposing teams bones first is declared the winner of the game.

Residents and visitors will surely be gearing themselves for a fun and entertaining experience all weekend long in Macklin.

For more information on the weekend's events, check out their Facebook page at World Bunnock or Twitter profile @WorldBunnock.